The following final revocations and modifications of U.S. Customs and Border Protection classification rulings are included in the Aug. 24, 2016, Customs Bulletin and Decisions. These revocations and modifications will be effective for goods entered or withdrawn from warehouse for consumption on or after Oct. 24.

Security Analytics Appliances. CBP is reclassifying security analytics appliances that scan incoming data as other electrical apparatus under HTSUS 8543.70.9960 (2.6 percent duty) rather than as other apparatus for communication in a wireless network under HTSUS 8517.62.0050 (duty-free). Ruling HQ H271470 will revoke rulings NY N213277, NY N247242 and NY N247732 to reflect this change.

Ceramic Dinnerware. CBP is reclassifying ceramic dinnerware as tableware for hotel or restaurant use under HTSUS 6912.00.20 (ceramic; 28 percent duty) or HTSUS 6911.10.10 (porcelain or china; 25 percent duty) rather than as porcelain or ceramic tableware under headings 6911 or 6912. Ruling HQ H252124 will modify rulings HQ H169055 and HQ H226264 to reflect this change.

Pipe Fittings. CBP is reclassifying a specially designed portion of drain pipe that allows a dishwasher drain to be connected directly to a drain assembly as a plastic fitting under HTSUS 3917.40.00 (5.3 percent duty) rather than as a rigid plastic pipe under HTSUS 3917.22.0000 (3.1 percent duty). Ruling HQ H260228 will modify ruling NY N235599 to reflect this change.

Bed Components. CBP is reclassifying a headboard, footboard and side rails of a twin poster bed when shipped separately as wood parts of furniture under HTSUS 9403.90.70 (duty-free) rather than as wooden bedroom furniture under HTSUS 9403.50.9045 (duty-free). Ruling HQ H230217 will revoke ruling NY N220458 to reflect this change.

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