The following final revocations of U.S. Customs and Border Protection classification rulings are included in the July 29 and Aug. 5, 2020, Customs Bulletin and Decisions. These revocations will be effective with respect to goods entered or withdrawn from warehouse for consumption on or after Sept. 27 (cod liver, phone accessories, and speakers) and Oct. 4 (grinders).

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Canned Cod Liver

CBP is reclassifying canned cod liver (in own oil) as other prepared or preserved fish parts under HTSUS 1604.20.6090 (duty-free) rather than as other fish, whole or in pieces, under HTSUS 1604.19.3200 (4 percent duty). CBP explains that this item is not a whole fish or a piece of fish meat but a fish organ and therefore cannot be classified under HTSUS 1604.19. Ruling HQ H293862 will revoke ruling NY N290443 to reflect this change.

Mobile Phone Accessory

CBP is reclassifying a mobile telephone accessory with integrated image display screen under HTSUS 8543.70.60 (duty-free) rather than under HTSUS 8543.70.99 (2.6 percent duty). CBP explains that this item is an electrical apparatus designed for connection to telephonic apparatus (i.e., a smartphone) and is thus specifically provided for under the proposed subheading pursuant to GRI 6. Ruling HQ H299498 will revoke ruling HQ H275685 to reflect this change.

Wireless Speakers

CBP is reclassifying multifunction wireless speakers as multiple loudspeakers mounted in the same enclosure under HTSUS 8518.22.00 (duty-free) rather than as apparatus for the reception, conversion, and transmission or regeneration of voice, images, or other data under HTSUS 8517.62.0050 (duty-free). CBP reiterates its holding in ruling H281100 that where the principal function of a device such as a loudspeaker is not to connect to the source of a signal but rather to convert such signal into sound, that device functions as a loudspeaker of heading 8518. Ruling HQ H310177 will revoke rulings NY N194496, NY N083076, and NY N234397 to reflect this change.

Salt and Pepper Grinders

CBP is reclassifying battery-operated salt and pepper grinders as food grinders, processors, and mixers under HTSUS 8509.40.00 (4.2 percent duty) rather than as hand-operated mechanical appliances under HTSUS 8210.00.00 (3.7 percent duty). CBP explains that Explanatory Note 82.10 clarifies that the legal text of that heading covers only non-electric mechanical appliances. Ruling HQ H257788 will revoke rulings NY N254846 and NY N254844 to reflect this change.

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