China announced this week the first exclusions from its additional 25 percent tariff on imports of U.S. goods. President Trump then delayed from Oct. 1 to Oct. 15 an increase from 25 to 30 percent in the Section 301 additional tariff on $250 billion worth of goods imported from China.

China Tariff Exclusions. The China tariff exclusions for the following products will take effect Sept. 17 and remain valid for one year. Chinese importers will be eligible for refunds of the additional tariffs paid on these goods and will have six months to apply.

- HTS 0306.36.10 (cold water shrimp and prawns)

- HTS 1214.10.00 (alfalfa meal and pellets)

- HTS 1214.90.00* (other alfalfa)

- HTS 2301.20.10 (fish meals and flours used in animal fee)

- HTS 2710.19.91 (lubricating oils)

- HTS 2710.19.92 (lubricating grease)

- HTS 2934.99.90* (pesticides tirpate, thiocyclam, trithialan, polythiacycloalkane, etc. (including phosfolan methyl, kadethrin, buprofezin, metoxadiazone, indoxacarb))

- HTS 2934.99.90* (anti-cancer drugs dicetabine, fluorourea glycoside, cyclophosphamide, gefitinib, capecitabine, retecase, fludarabine phosphate, tegafur, cytarabine hydrochloride, gemcitabine hydrochloride, ectinib hydrochloride, isocyclophosphamide)

- HTS 3402.13.00 (organic non-ionic surface active agents)

- HTS 3403.19.00 (lubricants with less than 70 percent mineral oil)

- HTS 3403.99.00 (other lubricating preparations)

- HTS 9022.14.00* (medical linear accelerators)

The following goods will also be excluded from the tariff for one year as of Sept. 17 but there will be no refunds on tariffs already paid.

- HTS 0404.10.00* (whey for feed purposes)

- HTS 2710.12.99* (mold release agents)

- HTS 2710.19.19* (isoalkane solvent)

- HTS 2710.19.93* (basic oils for lubricating oils)

Sally Peng, leader of ST&R’s Asia-Pacific Practice Group, notes that these exclusions are valid at the specified eight-digit tariff number except for those goods marked with an asterisk above, in which case the Chinese description of the product will have to be matched for the product to qualify for an exclusion.

For more information on these exclusions or how to obtain refunds, please contact Sally Peng at 852.9535.6034 or Harry Zhang at 86.138.2626.5357.

U.S. Tariff Delay. Following these tariff exclusions, President Trump announced that “as a gesture of good will” he will delay from Oct. 1 to Oct. 15 the planned increase from 25 percent to 30 percent of the Section 301 additional tariff on List 1, 2, and 3 goods from China. (Click here for ST&R’s comprehensive resource page on Section 301 and other tariff actions.)

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