U.S. Customs and Border Protection recently issued an administrative message stating that with the implementation of Automated Commercial Environment cargo release functionality for all entry types and the subsequent policy decision to no longer require paper CBP forms 3461 or 7501 at the time of entry, a paperless process is needed for temporary importation bond entries to replace the export examination decision and stamp required by CBP regulations. CBP states that while a fully electronic transaction is being planned for this functionality, there is no known date of deployment or development. In the interim, the following steps should be taken for all type 23 TIB entries presented.

- All entries are deemed to be “export examination not required” at the time of release unless designated otherwise.

- CBP will review submitted TIBs on a regular basis to determine the need for export examination.

- To maintain the paperless process, fully electronic entries will be designated for examination using the text message “export examination required” via the SO20 message set. This will most likely be sent to the filer post-release.

- Any paper entries presented should continue to be stamped if an export examination is required.
- At the time of export, a completed CBP Form 3495 should be presented at the port of export to identify the shipment to be examined and to record examination completion as per current procedures. In lieu of a stamped CBP Form 3461/7501, the original entry number, date of entry, and port of entry information should be provided as well as invoices, etc., from the original importation.

- CBP will attempt to utilize system information wherever possible but the full automation of this information has not been completed and filers will still need to provide documentation as required.

- Trade partners may request an export examination for any shipment where the examination was not required via the same process.

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