The following final revocations and modifications of U.S. Customs and Border Protection rulings are included in the Sept. 26, 2018, Customs Bulletin and Decisions. These changes will be effective with respect to goods entered or withdrawn from warehouse for consumption on or after Nov. 26.

Brass Plumbing Components. CBP is reclassifying brass plumbing components designed to connect the ends of pipes to plumbing fixtures as copper pipe fittings under HTSUS 7412.20.0035 (3 percent duty) rather than as other articles of copper under HTSUS 7419.99.5010 (duty-free). CBP explains that these items qualify as pipe fittings because they allow fluids to flow through their apertures while simultaneously affecting the flow of the fluid in some manner. Ruling HQ H260141 will revoke rulings NY N262070 and NY L82336 to reflect this change.

Surgical Microscopes. CBP is revoking the eligibility of certain surgical microscopes for duty-free treatment under HTSUS 9817.00.96. CBP explains that patients undergoing treatments with these microscopes are not considered blind or otherwise physically or mentally handicapped for purposes of that provision and that the microscopes are not specially designed or adapted for the benefit of physically or mentally handicapped persons. Rulings HQ H275827 and HQ H285358 will modify rulings NY N249825, NY N246385, and HQ 961705 and revoke rulings HQ 561801 and HQ 561940 to reflect this change.

Radiator/Charge Air Cooler Assembly. CBP is reclassifying a radiator/charge air cooler assembly as a vehicle radiator under HTSUS 8708.91.50 (2.5 percent duty) rather than as an auto part under HTSUS 8708.99.8080 (2.5 percent duty). CBP explains that a radiator is generally defined as a device through which hot air or liquid passes so it may be cooled and that this item clearly meets that definition. Ruling HQ H275146 will revoke ruling NY R04029 to reflect this change.

Mine Personnel Carrier. In ruling NY N106796 CBP classified a mine personnel carrier as a motor vehicle principally designed for the transport of persons under HTSUS 8703.33.0045 (2.5 percent duty). CBP is issuing ruling HQ H269330 to modify this ruling to (a) adjust the subheading to HTSUS 8703.33.01 (2.5 percent duty) to reflect the corresponding subheading in the revision 4 edition of the 2018 HTSUS and (b) reflect that sufficient evidence was not submitted to support the assertion that ten people could be seated in the vehicle, which is therefore not described by heading 8702.

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