U.S. Customs and Border Protection is accepting through June 26 comments on the proposed extension without change of information collections concerning the following.

Importers of Merchandise Subject to Actual Use Provisions. Importers of goods subject to the actual use provisions of the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States are required to maintain detailed records to establish that these goods were actually used as contemplated by the law and to support claims for a free or reduced rate of duty. Importers must maintain records of use or disposition for three years from the date of liquidation of the entry, and the records must be available at all times for examination by CBP.

Transfer of Cargo to a Container Station. Before the filing of an entry of merchandise for the purpose of breaking bulk and redelivering cargo, containerized cargo may be moved from the place of unlading or may be received directly at the container station from a bonded carrier after transportation in-bond. This also applies to loose cargo as part of containerized cargo. The container station operator may make a request for the transfer of a container to the station by submitting an abstract of the manifest for the transferred containers, including the bill of lading number, marks, numbers, description of the contents and consignee.

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