U.S. Customs and Border Protection reports that the following participating government agencies in the Automated Commercial Environment are allowing ACE cargo release filers to submit the specified forms to CBP and the appropriate agencies through the Document Image System.

This policy will only apply during the course of these agencies’ ACE pilots until the data captured in these forms is required to be submitted through the PGA message set. During this interim period filers need only upload these forms via DIS for CBP to verify that the PGA requirements have been met; i.e., the forms do not have to be submitted on paper. However, CBP notes that using DIS is an option and that filers participating in PGA pilots may still submit the required data via the PGA message set.

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives

- form 6 (application and permit for importation of firearms, ammunition and implements of war)

- *form 6A (release and receipt of imported firearms, ammunition and implements of war)

Drug Enforcement Administration

- form 486 (import/export declaration for List I and List II chemicals)

- form 486A (import declaration for ephedrine, pseudoephedrine and phenylpropanolamine)

- form 35 (permit to import controlled substances for domestic and/or scientific purposes)

- form 236 (controlled substances import/export declaration)

Environmental Protection Agency

- EPA 3520-1 (importation of motor vehicles and engines (on-road))

- EPA 3520-21 (importation of motor vehicles and engines (non-road))

- pre-approved vehicle/engine exemption number

- *EPA 3540-1 (notice of arrival of pesticides and devices)

- pesticide label

- Toxic Substances Control Act import certifications

- used ozone-depleting substances non-objection notice

Fish and Wildlife Service

- form 3-177 (declaration for importation and exportation of fish or wildlife)

- transportation documents (e.g., bill of lading, air waybill, rail bill, booking documents)

- transaction documents (e.g., invoices, packing lists, loan agreements, legal agreements, power of attorney - commodity-specific documents (e.g., copies of marking/labels, certificates of origin, hunting licenses, catalog of specimens, species inventory records, accession records)

- CITES export permit issued by exporting foreign government

- CITES reexport certificate issued by reexporting foreign government

- CITES “other” document issued by exporting or reexporting foreign government

- CITES import permit issued by FWS

- U.S. government documents such as customs entry, USDA veterinary permits, CDC permits, ATA carnet

- wildlife export and reexport permits issued by foreign government

- Endangered Species Act import permit

- Marine Mammal Protection Act import permit

- Wild Bird Conservation Act import permit

- Migratory Bird Treaty Act import permit

- injurious species import permit

- Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act import permit

National Marine Fisheries Service

- form NOAA 370, fisheries certificate of origin

- bigeye tuna statistical document and reexport certificate

- bluefin tuna catch document and reexport certificate

- swordfish statistical document and reexport certificate

- Antarctic Marine Living Resources dealer permit

- reporting form for catch documents accompanying fresh air-shipped toothfish

- pre-approval of catch documents of toothfish

- dissostichus catch and reexport documents

- CCSBT catch monitoring form

- CCSBT reexport/export after landing of domestic product

- highly migratory species international trade permit

- IOTC bigeye tuna reexport certificate

- International Dolphin Conservation Program member nation certification

- captain’s and observer’s statements

The above forms that require approval and/or signature by the PGA (indicated by an asterisk) must obtain it prior to the form being submitted in DIS.

CBP states that ATF Form 6A no longer needs to be signed by CBP and mailed to ATF if it is submitted through DIS. In addition, EPA Form 3540-01 does not need to be signed by CBP.

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