U.S. Customs and Border Protection is accepting exporters into the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism as part of an effort to provide the U.S. business community with benefits currently enjoyed by foreign importers through mutual recognition arrangements and better align C-TPAT with the programs of foreign customs agencies under the World Customs Organization’s Framework of Standards to Secure and Facilitate Global Trade. Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg will conduct a webinar July 15 to review the requirements of this program and the benefits for those participating.

For C-TPAT purposes, an exporter is defined as a person or company that, as the principal party in interest in the export transaction, has the power and responsibility for determining and controlling the sending of the items out of the United States. Entities that wish to participate in the C-TPAT exporter program must meet this definition as well as specified eligibility requirements, such as having a documented export security program, possessing an acceptable level of compliance for export reporting for the latest 12-month period and being in good standing with federal agencies.

While C-TPAT allows for flexibility and the customization of security plans based on the member’s business model, there are minimum security criteria that must be met throughout the export participant’s supply chain in the areas of business partners; container security, inspection, seals and storage; conveyance tracking and monitoring procedures; physical access controls; personnel, procedural and physical security; export training and threat awareness; and information technology security.

Exporters that have been certified and validated in C-TPAT and are in good standing as an exporter entity can receive a number of benefits, including prioritized examination over non C-TPAT members, front of the line processing, improved internal procedures, and an assigned supply chain security specialist who is available to discuss security issues and review problems.

ST&R’s Lenny Feldman, a leading authority on C-TPAT and a current member of the Advisory Committee on Commercial Operations to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, will conduct a webinar July 15 to examine the costs and benefits of participating in C-TPAT for exports. While this program is similar to C-TPAT for importers, some nuances exist that will require companies to carefully review their outbound supply chain to become certified. Click here for more information or to register to attend.

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