The Bureau of Industry and Security is recruiting through Sept. 7 new candidates to serve on the Emerging Technology Technical Advisory Committee to advise the Department of Commerce and other agency officials on emerging technologies with potential dual-use applications. This advice will include the following.

- identifying such technologies as early as possible in their developmental stages both within the U.S. and abroad

- assessing and providing information on emerging technologies, potential “chokepoint technologies” (e.g., technologies that, if developed by an adversary prior to development by the U.S., could present grave threats to U.S. national and/or economic security) and trends in technologies of particular interest to BIS

- assessing the potential impact of the Export Administration Regulations on research activities, including technical and policy issues relating to controls under the EAR, revisions of the Commerce Control List (including proposed revisions of multilateral controls in which the U.S. participates), and the issuance of regulations

- any other matters relating to actions designed to carry out the policy set forth in Section 3(2)(A) of the Export Administration Act of 1979 as well as the directives contained in Section 1758 of H.R. 5515, the John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2019

BIS notes that ETTAC will be forward-leaning in its work, focusing on the current state of emerging technologies and projecting their likely effects five to ten years into the future on national security, the U.S. defense industrial base, and the overall health and competitiveness of the U.S. economy.

ETTAC will consist of experts drawn from academia, industry, federal laboratories, and pertinent U.S. government departments and agencies who are engaged in developing and producing cutting edge technology in areas key to maintaining a U.S. forward-leaning presence in the world economy. ETTAC members will be appointed by the Secretary of Commerce and will serve terms of two years, subject to a limit of four consecutive years.

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