The Fish and Wildlife Service has announced that the following species are being listed on Appendix III of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora by the countries indicated.


  • Lodoicea maldivica (sea coconut palm) 


  • Alauda arvensis (Eurasian skylark)
  • Galerida cristata (crested lark)
  • Lullula arborea (wood lark)
  • Melanocorypha calandra (calandra lark)
  • Emberiza citrinella (yellowhammer)
  • Emberiza hortulana (ortolan bunting)
  • Carduelis cannabina (common linnet)
  • Carduelis (European goldfinch) 
  • Carduelis flammea (common redpoll) 
  • Carduelis hornemanni (Arctic redpoll) 
  • Carduelis spinus (Eurasian siskin) 
  • Carpodacus erythrinus (common rosefinch) 
  • Loxia curvirostra (red crossbill) 
  • Pyrrhula (Eurasian bullfinch)  
  • Serinus (European serin) 
  • Erithacus rubecula (European robin) 
  • Ficedula parva (red-breasted flycatcher) 
  • Hippolais icterina (icterine warbler) 
  • Luscinia svecica (bluethroat) 
  • Luscinia  (thrush nightingale) 
  • Luscinia megarhynchos (common nightingale) 
  • Monticola saxatilis (common rock thrush) 
  • Sylvia atricapilla (Eurasian blackcap) 
  • Sylvia borin (garden warbler) 
  • Sylvia curruca (lesser whitethroat) 
  • Sylvia nisoria (barred warbler) 
  • Turdus merula (common blackbird) 
  • Turdus philomelos (song thrush) 
  • Oriolus (Eurasian golden oriole) 
  • Parus ater (coal tit) 
  • Troglodytes (Eurasian wren) 
  • Emys orbicularis (European pond turtle) 

As a result, effective June 22, the following documentation requirements will be imposed for imports and exports of these species.

- Imports directly from the listing country will require a CITES Appendix III export permit issued by that country.

- Imports directly from a non-listing country will require a CITES certificate of origin issued by the country of export.

- Imports from a re-exporting country will require a CITES re-export certificate issued by the re-exporting country that references either (1) the original CITES export permit or (2) the original CITES certificate of origin.

- Imports directly from a country that has taken a reservation on any of these listings and wishes to trade with a CITES party country will require a CITES non-party export document.

- Imports from a reexporting country that has taken a reservation will require a CITES non-party reexport document.

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