The International Trade Administration has issued an antidumping duty order on carton-closing staples from China, effective May 8.

Carton-closing staples may be manufactured from carbon, alloy, or stainless steel wire and are covered by this order regardless of (a) specification and (b) the type of coating, if any. Carton-closing staples include stick staple products, often referred to as staple strips, and roll staple products, often referred to as coils. The nominal leg length ranges from 0.4095 inch to 1.375 inches and the nominal crown width ranges from 1.125 inches to 1.375 inches. The size of the wire used varies from 0.029 to 0.064 inch (nominal thickness) by 0.064 to 0.100 inch (nominal width). Carton-closing staples subject to this order are currently classifiable under HTSUS 8305.20.0000 and 7317.00.6560.

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