Residential Washers. The International Trade Administration has made a preliminary affirmative dumping determination on large residential washers from China. The ITA has also preliminarily found that critical circumstances exist with respect to one exporter and the China-wide entity.

As a result, the ITA will instruct U.S. Customs and Border Protection to collect AD cash deposits at the preliminary dumping margins, which range from 49.88 percent to 111.09 percent. For the respondent and China-wide entity for which critical circumstances were found, such measures will be imposed retroactively on entries of subject goods up to 90 days prior to the publication of this preliminary determination in the Federal Register.

Cold-Rolled Steel. The ITA has made final affirmative AD duty determinations on cold-rolled steel flat products from Brazil, India, Korea, Russia and the United Kingdom and final affirmative CV duty determinations on such goods from Brazil, India, Korea and Russia.

Final weighted average dumping margins are 14.43 percent to 35.43 percent for Brazil, 7.60 percent for India, 6.32 percent to 34.33 percent for Korea, 1.04 percent (de minimis) to 13.36 percent for Russia, and 5.40 percent to 25.56 percent for the UK. The ITA will instruct CBP to collect AD cash deposits on entries of subject goods at these rates.

Final net subsidy rates are 11.09 percent to 11.31 percent for Brazil, 10 percent for India, 3.91 percent to 58.36 percent for Korea, and 0.62 percent (de minimis) to 6.95 percent for Russia. If the International Trade Commission makes final affirmative CV injury determinations, the ITA will require CV cash deposits at these rates and will adjust the AD cash deposit rates by the amount of the export subsidies, as appropriate.

The ITA has determined that critical circumstances exist with respect to all other producers/exporters from Russia and will therefore instruct CBP to impose provisional measures retroactively on entries of subject goods effective 90 days prior the date the preliminary determinations were published in the Federal Register.

Flanges. The ITA has initiated AD duty investigations of finished carbon steel flanges from India, Italy and Spain and a CV duty investigation of such flanges from India.

The scope of these investigations covers finished carbon steel flanges, which differ from unfinished carbon steel flanges (also known as carbon steel flange forgings) in that they have undergone further processing after forging, such as beveling, bore threading, center or step boring, face machining, taper boring, machining ends or surfaces, drilling bolt holes, and/or de-burring or shot blasting. However, mere heat treatment of a carbon steel flange forging (without any other further processing after forging) does not render the forging into a finished carbon steel flange for purposes of these investigations. All types of finished carbon steel flanges are included in the scope regardless of pipe size, pressure class, type of face, configuration, wall thickness or normalization or whether or not heat treated.

Subject flanges are currently classified under HTSUS subheadings 7307.91.5010 and 7307.91.5050 and may also be entered under subheadings 7307.91.5030 and 7307.91.5070.

DOTP. The ITA has initiated an AD duty investigation of dioctyl terephthalate from Korea. This investigation covers DOTP regardless of form, including DOTP that has been blended with other products when such blends include constituent parts that have not been chemically reacted with each other to produce a different product. For such blends, only the DOTP component of the mixture is covered by the scope of this investigation. DOTP that is otherwise covered is not excluded when commingled with DOTP from sources other than Korea. Subject DOTP is currently classified under HTSUS subheading 2917.39.2000 and may also enter under subheadings 2917.39.7000 or 3812.20.1000.

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