Steel Wire Rod. The International Trade Commission has instituted and scheduled the preliminary phase of antidumping injury investigations of carbon and alloy steel wire rod from Belarus, Italy, Korea, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine, the United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom and countervailing injury investigations of such goods from Italy and Turkey. A conference will be held April 18, requests to appear at the conference are due by April 14, written submissions are due by April 21, and the ITC’s preliminary determinations are due by May 12.

Pipe. The ITC has scheduled full sunset reviews of the AD duty orders on carbon and alloy seamless standard, line, and pressure pipe from Japan and Romania. These reviews will result in either the revocation or continuation of these orders.

Phosphor Copper. The ITC has made a final affirmative AD injury determination on phosphor copper from Korea. As a result, the International Trade Administration will issue an AD duty order on this product.

Off-Road Tires. The ITA has rescinded its administrative review of the AD duty order on new pneumatic off-the-road tires from China for the period Sept. 1, 2015, through Aug. 31, 2016, with respect to three companies based on their timely withdrawal of their requests for review. The ITA will instruct U.S. Customs and Border Protection to assess AD duties on all appropriate entries of subject goods from these companies at the AD cash deposit rates required at the time of entry or withdrawal from warehouse for consumption.

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