Solar Cells. The International Trade Administration has partially rescinded its administrative review of the antidumping duty order on crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells, whether or not assembled into modules, from China for the period Dec. 1, 2014, through Nov. 30, 2015, with respect to five companies or groups. As a result, the ITA will instruct U.S. Customs and Border Protection to assess AD duties on all appropriate entries of subject goods at the AD cash deposit rates required at the time of entry or withdrawal from warehouse for consumption.

Magnesium Metal. The ITA has continued for five years, effective July 21, the AD duty order on magnesium metal from China.

The product covered by this order is magnesium metal, which includes primary and secondary alloy magnesium metal regardless of chemistry, raw material source, form, shape or size. The magnesium covered by this order includes blends of primary and secondary magnesium. Subject goods include the following alloy magnesium metal products made from primary and/or secondary magnesium: magnesium cast into ingots, slabs, rounds, billets and other shapes; magnesium ground, chipped, crushed or machined into raspings, granules, turnings, chips, powder, briquettes and other shapes; and products that contain 50 percent or greater, but less than 99.8 percent, magnesium by weight and have been entered as conforming to an ASTM specification for magnesium alloy. Subject goods are classifiable under HTSUS subheadings 8104.19.00 and 8104.30.00.

The scope of this order excludes (1) all forms of pure magnesium, including chemical combinations of magnesium and other material(s) in which the pure magnesium content is 50 percent or greater but less than 99.8 percent by weight that do not conform to an ASTM specification for magnesium alloy, (2) magnesium that is in liquid or molten form, and (3) mixtures containing 90 percent or less magnesium in granular or powder form by weight and one or more of certain non-magnesium granular materials to make magnesium-based reagent mixtures, including lime, calcium metal, calcium including lime, calcium metal, calcium silicon, calcium carbide, calcium carbonate, carbon, slag coagulants, fluorspar, nephaline syenite, feldspar, alumina, calcium aluminate, soda ash, hydrocarbons, graphite, coke, silicon, rare earth metals/mischmetal, cryolite, silica/fly ash, magnesium oxide, periclase, ferroalloys, dolomite lime and colemanite.

Steel Pipes and Tubes. The ITA is correcting a July 7 notice to indicate that it has not initiated an administrative review of the AD duty order on welded carbon steel standard pipes and tubes from India for the period May 1, 2015, through April 30, 2016, because it received no request for such a review.

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