Hardwood Plywood. A petition filed Nov. 18 alleges that hardwood plywood from China is being sold at less than fair value in the U.S. market and benefitting from countervailable subsidies. The alleged weighted average dumping margin is 105.94 percent and the petitioners have identified 33 programs as providing unfair subsidies.

Hardwood plywood has a wide variety of uses, including wall panels, kitchen cabinet components, seat backs, table and desk tops, drawers sides, furniture components, recreational vehicle and trailer components, floor underlayment, and the raw material for certain engineered (i.e., multilayered) wood flooring.

Isocyanurates. In its sunset review of the antidumping duty order on chlorinated isocyanurates from China and Spain, the International Trade Commission has determined that revocation of these orders would be likely to lead to continuation or recurrence of material injury to an industry in the U.S. within a reasonably foreseeable time. As a result, these orders will remain in place for another five years.

Pencils. In the preliminary results of its administrative review of the AD duty order on cased pencils from China for the period Dec. 1, 2014, through Nov. 30, 2015, the International Trade Administration has found that Shandong Rongxin Import & Export Co. Ltd. is not eligible for a separate rate and thus remains part of the China-wide entity, which is currently subject to a 114.9 percent AD duty rate. The ITA is also rescinding this review with respect to Orient International Holding Shanghai Foreign Trade Co. Ltd. and Wah Yuen Stationery Co. Ltd. and its affiliate, Shandong Wah Yuen Stationery Co. Ltd., and its claimed affiliate Tianjin Tonghe Stationery Co. Ltd. in light of the timely withdrawal of the requests for review.

Transfer Drive Components. The ITC has made final negative AD and CV injury determinations on iron mechanical transfer drive components from Canada and China. As a result, no AD or CV duty orders will be issued on these goods.

Steel Pipe. The ITC has made final affirmative AD injury determinations on circular welded carbon-quality steel pipe from Oman, Pakistan, and the United Arab Emirates. As a result, the ITA will issue AD duty orders on these goods.

The ITC also determined that imports of such pipe from Vietnam that are sold in the U.S. at less than fair value, and imports of such pipe that are subsidized by the government of Pakistan, are negligible. As a result, the ITA will not issue an AD duty order on such pipe from Vietnam or a CV duty order on such pipe from Pakistan.

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