Crawfish Tail Meat. The International Trade Administration has corrected the final results of its 2013-2014 administrative and new shipper reviews of the antidumping duty order on freshwater crawfish tail meat from China, which incorrectly identified Shanghai Ocean Flavor International Trading Co. Ltd. as Shanghai Ocean International International Trading Co. Ltd.

Stainless Steel. The ITA has postponed its preliminary countervailing duty determination on stainless steel sheet and strip from China from May 9 to July 11.

Laminated Woven Sacks. The ITA has amended its final affirmative dumping determination on laminated woven sacks from China to reflect revised AD cash deposit rates of 64.28 percent for 13 exporter/producer combinations and 91.73 percent for the China-wide entity. Unless these rates have been superseded by rates calculated in an intervening administrative review, the ITA will instruct U.S. Customs and Border Protection to require cash deposits at the specified rates for subject goods entered or withdrawn from warehouse for consumption on or after April 11.

Ferrovanadium. The ITA has initiated an AD duty investigation of ferrovanadium from Korea. Alleged dumping margins range from 20.25 percent to 54.69 percent.

The product covered by this investigation is ferrovanadium regardless of grade, chemistry, form, shape or size. Ferrovanadium is classified under HTSUS 7202.92.0000.

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