Citric Acid. The International Trade Administration has made preliminary affirmative dumping determinations on citric acid and citrate salts from Belgium, Colombia, and Thailand. The ITA will instruct U.S. Customs and Border Protection to require AD cash deposits based on the preliminary dumping margins, which are 24.41 percent for Belgium, 27.48 percent for Colombia, and 4.77 percent to 15.73 percent for Thailand. Because the ITA also made a preliminary affirmative critical circumstances determination with respect to one Thai respondent, the ITA will instruct CBP to impose provisional measures on entries of subject goods from that company retroactive to 90 days prior to the date this preliminary determination is published in the Federal Register.

Tool Chests and Cabinets. The International Trade Commission has made a final affirmative countervailing injury determination on tool chests and cabinets from China. As a result, the ITA will issue a CV duty order on this product.

Steel Sinks. In the preliminary results of its administrative review of the AD duty order on drawn stainless steel sinks from China for the period Apri1 1, 2016, through March 31, 2017, the ITA has determined a weighted average dumping margin of 1.78 percent for four exporters. The ITA has also preliminarily determined that four companies made no shipments of subject goods to the U.S. during the period of review.

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