The Consumer Product Safety Commission has announced the conclusion at the end of this year of a pilot test that is assessing the electronic filing to the Automated Commercial Environment via the partner government agency message set of certain information for regulated finished consumer products and three products included on the substantial product hazard list (hand-supported hair dryers, extension cords, and seasonal and decorative lighting products). The CPSC and CBP have determined that the so-called “eFiling Alpha Pilot” was successful in that participating firms were able to file CPSC’s PGA message set data as part of an ACE entry, the CPSC was able to receive the PGA message set data from CBP, and the CPSC was also able to accept the data into its system for risk analysis.

Pilot participants had a choice between two different methods to file targeting/enforcement data for products using the PGA message set. They could either file the targeting/enforcement data elements with each product at the time of entry (full PGA message set) or file only a reference to targeting/enforcement data stored in a product registry maintained by the CPSC (product registry and reference PGA message set). The CPSC notes that participants primarily chose to file data using the product registry and reference PGA message set, although the agency anticipates that several participants will file using the full PGA message set before the pilot concludes.

After the conclusion of the test, the CPSC will provide a forum to consider what CPSC staff and participants learned from the eFiling Alpha Pilot and how best to structure a more robust “beta” test of electronic filing. Based on the review of the pilot, CPSC staff will provide options regarding a “beta” testing phase for CPSC consideration.

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