U.S. Customs and Border Protection has announced the following changes as part of Phase IV of its ongoing test of the Document Image System, which allows Automated Commercial Environment participants to submit electronic images of a specific set of CBP and partner government agency forms, documents and supporting information to CBP via an electronic data interchange.

- Eligibility to participate in the DIS test is being expanded to include anyone transmitting cargo release or entry summary data, information, forms or documents to ACE pursuant to the cargo release or entry summary, accounts and revenue tests. Such filers must use a software program that has completed ACE certification testing.

- Additional documents have been added to the list of forms and documents supported by the DIS test (a full list is attached at the bottom of this article).

- Participants may submit all DIS-eligible forms and documents as attachments to email as an alternative to transmitting them in XML format. CBP prefers that attachments to emails use the PDF file format but the following formats are also allowed: JPEG, GIF, MS Word documents and MS Excel spreadsheets. The TIF file format is not allowed.

- The list of eligible forms and documents will now be maintained on the CBP website. All future additions and changes to this list will be announced on the CBP website rather than by Federal Register notice and may also be announced via the Cargo Systems Messaging Service. CBP states that this list is frequently updated as PGA functionality in ACE increases and as more PGAs become operational in ACE.

CBP notes that DIS capabilities will continue to be delivered in multiple phases. CBP anticipates that as PGA message sets are programmed into ACE the documentation filed in DIS will be significantly reduced to only those documents that continue to be paper-based (e.g., foreign certificates).

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