Countries are preparing to levy tariffs on U.S. goods imported into their territory in response to the U.S. applying tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. On June 1 the U.S. rescinded the exemptions it temporarily provided to the European Union, Canada, and Mexico.
The EU has prepared a lengthy list of U.S. origin goods on which it will impose an additional 25 percent duty beginning June 20 and until the U.S. lifts its tariffs against EU steel and aluminum products on hundreds of U.S. products, including, among others, various textile, apparel, and footwear items, agricultural products, orange juice, bourbon whiskey, tobacco products, cosmetic products, steel and aluminum products, playing cards, sailboats, and motorcycles. The EU has also set forth a second group of products on which duties could be increased by up to 50 percent in March 2021 if the U.S. has not rescinded its steel and aluminum tariffs by then.
Mexico’s Ministry of Economy said it will impose countermeasures on various U.S. products such as flat steel (hot and cold foil, including coated and various tubes), lamps, pork legs and shoulders, sausages and food preparations, apples, grapes, blueberries, and various cheeses, among other products.
Canada also announced its intention to impose effective from July 1 an additional duty of 10 percent or 25 percent on U.S. products. Canada is accepting comments on the product scope until June 15 and will work through that process to finalize the list. India and Turkey have prepared their retaliation lists while Japan, Korea and Russia have notified their intention to retaliate but have yet to release more details on the product coverage.
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