A recent European Union regulation calls for additional 25 percent duties to be imposed as early as June 20 on hundreds of U.S. products, including the following.
- sweetcorn, uncooked or cooked by steaming or by boiling in water, frozen
- dried, shelled kidney beans
- various types of grains
- peanut butter
- cranberries
- orange juice
- bourbon whiskey
- cigars and cigarettes
- lip make-up preparations
- eye make-up preparations
- make-up or skin care powders
The EU is threatening to impose these and other duty increases if the U.S. does not permanently exempt the EU from the additional tariffs the U.S. imposed on imports of steel and aluminum as of March 23. A temporary exemption for the EU is slated to expire June 1. The EU has also set forth a second group of products on which duties could be increased by up to 50 percent in March 2021 if the U.S. has not rescinded its steel and aluminum tariffs by then.
U.S. producers and exporters of the above food, alcohol, and tobacco items should take steps to prepare for these potential duty increases. Part of a thorough response is an effort to educate members of Congress and the Trump administration on the negative impact the tariffs would have on your company.
For more information on these and other products covered by the proposed EU tariff increase, please contact 
Shelly Garg at (305) 894-1043.

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