Through the World Trade Organization the U.S. and other nations create and enforce rules governing international commerce, and at the World Customs Organization they work to update tariff classifications and resolve problems that slow cross-border trade. ST&R has substantial experience advocating for and achieving client interests in proceedings at both the WTO and WCO, including trade remedy issues, trade policy disputes, classification matters, and customs modernization efforts.

Why Use ST&R’s WTO and WCO Services

Effectiveness: ST&R worked with U.S. and foreign governments to successfully implement changes to plurilateral agreements at the WTO and the WCO, removing both tariff and non-tariff barriers to trade.

Cost savings: ST&R secured the inclusion of a client’s product in the WTO Information Technology Agreement, resulting in removing duties on that product in all ITA countries, and has secured changes to the Harmonized Tariff Schedule that reap savings for companies.

Facilitating trade: ST&R advocated for specific provisions in the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement that are resulting in removing customs barriers erected by countries.

Key Contacts

J. Nicole Bivens Collinson

President, International Trade & Government Relations



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