Free trade agreements, trade and investment frameworks, bilateral investment treaties, World Trade Organization agreements, and other trade and customs liberalization and cooperation agreements help open markets and lower costs for businesses and consumers. ST&R has been intimately involved in efforts to negotiate, implement, and modernize these agreements for many years, working with both public and private sector entities throughout the negotiation process to secure results that meet their needs.

Why Use ST&R’s Trade Negotiation Services

Effectiveness: ST&R effectively lobbied for the passage of Free Trade Agreements with Korea, Colombia and Panama against significant odds, and garnered substantial bipartisan support for the USMCA.

Cost savings: We worked directly with U.S. and partner country negotiators to craft rules of origin provisions that yielded significant cost benefits to U.S. companies.

Facilitating trade: ST&R crafted provisions that would remove non-tariff barriers to FTA goods through modifications to the customs and market access chapters of every FTA to date.

Key Contacts

J. Nicole Bivens Collinson

President, International Trade & Government Relations



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