CTPAT Trade Compliance (formerly ISA) is a voluntary program allowing importers to assume responsibility for monitoring their own compliance in exchange for certain benefits, including fewer audits, greater flexibility filing prior disclosures, and additional support from CBP. ST&R offers a simulated CTPAT Trade Compliance pre-application review to pinpoint areas in need of improvement and offers assistance in resolving outstanding issues and submitting formal applications. ST&R can also assist with the design, development, and implementation of the CTPAT Trade Compliance-required risk assessment and self-testing plan as well as periodic monitoring control testing.

Why Choose ST&R for CTPAT Trade Compliance Support

Predictability: being CTPAT Trade Compliance approved confers benefits that bring greater certainty to business planning operations.

Knowledge: ST&R professionals understand CTPAT Trade Compliance requirements and can resolve issues prior to submitting your CTPAT Trade Compliance application, which saves your company time and money.


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