Regular self-assessments are a great way to maximize compliance, but occasionally they reveal unexpected violations. A prior disclosure submitted before or without knowledge of a formal CBP investigation that details the circumstances of a violation can significantly lower associated penalties. ST&R helps make sure such disclosures will pass CBP evaluation by using methods such as statistical sampling, which allows for expeditious analysis of import data but requires knowledge of probability and statistical theory, and offsetting, which allows overpayments to be balanced against underpayments.

Why Choose ST&R for Prior Disclosures / Voluntary Self-Disclosures

Experience: Our professionals include five auditors who have served in CBP's Office of Regulatory Audit who have experience in methods that will pass CBP evaluation, including statistical sampling and offsetting.

Discernment: ST&R professionals have dealt with many companies considering filing a prior disclosure and can guide your company through the process.


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