Sometimes, despite its best efforts to meet reasonable care standards, an importer finds itself the subject of a CBP investigation or audit, which can take several forms. Audit surveys are expedited assessments designed to confirm whether an importer presents a potential risk in a high-priority area such as AD/CV duties, import safety, trade agreements, and textiles and apparel. Quick response audits are focused on specific known or perceived risks and may or may not be in support of a formal investigation. Focused assessments are detailed reviews intended to determine whether an importer’s internal controls, procedures, and recordkeeping systems are sufficient to manage risk, and negative determinations can lead to full-blown audits and other corrective or enforcement actions.

These measures can consume significant time and financial resources and result in additional tariffs, penalties, and other problems if not handled correctly. ST&R’s active and aggressive customs audit practice has the experience and insight to do just that. We help companies identify, assess, evaluate, and implement appropriate internal controls and quantify, disclose, and implement appropriate corrective actions before the audit begins, which can lessen its severity. Once an audit is underway we offer effective representation at every step to maximize chances for a favorable outcome.

Why Use ST&R’s Investigations and Audit Services

Penalties: Utilizing ST&R’s expert customs counsel can substantially mitigate penalties and liquidated damages and accelerate the resolution of detentions and seizures.

Compliance: We can help you identify and implement remedial actions that can help minimize the negative consequences of compliance problems or violations.

Duty savings: Internal investigations are a best practice for proactively identifying not only compliance issues but also potential opportunities to lower duty and other costs.


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