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Trade Negotiations

The U.S has been active in negotiating, implementing, and modernizing trade agreements for decades across economic and political cycles. Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg has been intimately involved in these efforts, helping both governments and businesses secure results that meet their needs. Our services in this area include the following. 

  • developing, drafting, and submitting input on negotiating objectives on traditional and emerging issues
  • drafting creative agreement text to achieve desired outcomes
  • outreach to negotiators and policymakers to educate and solicit support
  • regular consultation with clients on negotiation tactics and strategy
  • building coalitions with like-minded stakeholders to advance objectives
  • attending negotiations to monitor progress and advocate for client interests
J. Nicole Bivens  Collinson
T: 202.730.4956
President, International Trade & Government Relations
  • ST&R
Alvaro  Ferreira
T: 305.894.1034
Independent Consultant
  • ST&R
David F.  Olave
T: 202.730.4960
Associate & Trade Policy Advisor
  • ST&R
Gilbert Lee  Sandler
T: 305.894.1000
Founding Member
  • ST&R
Edward  Steiner
T: 202.730.4970
Senior Director, International Trade & Government Relations
  • ST&R
Thomas G.  Travis
T: 305.894.1001
Managing Partner
  • ST&R
Jerry  Weller
T: 202.730.4984
Senior Advisor
  • ST&R


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