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Legislative Advocacy

Our legislative affairs specialists provide governmental affairs and lobbying services on a wide range of subject matters including trade policy, trade negotiations, labor and environment, textiles and apparel, health care, duty reduction, customs modernization and other trade related issues. We get concrete results for our clients by developing proper strategies, creating messages and advancing issues through every stage of the legislative process. We foresee obstacles, resolve problems efficiently and make use of our strong relationships with government officials. 

Specific services include: offering expert testimony before legislative and administrative bodies; developing and implementing comprehensive legislative or regulatory strategies to ensure effective advocacy of a specific issue; drafting legislation; forming coalitions to create the necessary momentum in support of or against a particular matter; reviewing bill introductions, legislative amendments, and proposed regulations related to clients’ interests; and monitoring the development of specific bills, amendments, and regulations, including committee activity.

J. Nicole Bivens  Collinson
T: 202.730.4956
President, International Trade & Government Relations
  • ST&R
Alvaro  Ferreira
T: 305.894.1034
Independent Consultant
  • ST&R
David F.  Olave
T: 202.730.4960
Associate & Trade Policy Advisor
  • ST&R
Gilbert Lee  Sandler
T: 305.894.1000
Founding Member
  • ST&R
Edward  Steiner
T: 202.730.4970
Senior Director, International Trade & Government Relations
  • ST&R
David  Thomas
T: 202.730.4961
  • ST&R
Jerry  Weller
T: 202.730.4984
Senior Advisor
  • ST&R


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