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Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg assists clients with cosmetic product compliance issues by providing the following services.

  • Ingredient review and advice on compliance with published monographs.
  • Review of labeling and advertising materials (print and Internet) for compliance with applicable Federal Trade Commission regulations.
  • Classification of products as cosmetics or drugs depending on product claims, guidance on regulations and risk management
  • Counseling on safety testing of ingredients, including toxicology, carcinogenicity and sensitivity testing.
  • Compliance with color additive regulations and batch certification testing requirements.
  • Compliance with good manufacturing practices and recordkeeping requirements.
  • Management of product recalls and FDA inspections.
T: 305-894-1043
Member, FDA Practice Group Leader
  • ST&R
T: 202-734-3939
Independent FDA Regulatory and Strategic Consultant
  • ST&R

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