Our Speakers

Dawn Olesky
Vice President, Drawback Operations
STTAS, a UPS Company

Telephone: 248.474.7200
E-mail: dolesky@sttas.com

Michael V. Cerny

Telephone: 212.549.0160
Email: mvcerny@strtrade.com

Using Drawback to Recover Section 232 and 301 Duties

Drawback allows companies to reclaim duty paid on imports when they export or destroy products.  With many companies now paying duties under Section 232 and 301, drawback can present an opportunity to obtain refunds of some or all of these duties.  The webinar will cover the duties that can be recovered in drawback, the steps to establish a drawback program and how drawback for 232 and 301 duties differs from drawback for other duties, taxes, and fees.

Purchase price: $50.00

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