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Compliance on A Budget – Reasonable Care For Small Businesses

All importers, whether large or small, must exercise “reasonable care” in filing customs entries into the United States. This means they are often required to interpret a myriad of CBP regulations and requirements and classify numerous items in the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States (HTSUS) pursuant to often inconsistent CBP rulings.

This responsibility cannot be delegated to the importer’s customs broker or other third party. The failure to exercise reasonable care may result in unanticipated duty consequences and significant penalty liability. In some cases, company executives could even face sanctions for failure to operate under the umbrella of reasonable care. 

How can a small business with limited resources possibly comply? This 60 minute webinar will address these concerns and will provide general recommendations regarding practices that small businesses may use to ensure they are in compliance with “reasonable care” responsibilities.

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