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Forced Labor Enforcement by CBP: What We Know and What's Coming Next

Goods made with forced labor (including prison or forced child labor) are banned from importation into the United States. Political forces and new legal mandates are converging to increase pressure on U.S. Customs and Border Protection to take greater action to stop such imports. In response, CBP is expected to issue this year new withhold release orders on a variety of products, manufacturers, regions, and countries.

When WROs are issued, importers of all sizes are often faced with the difficulty of having to prove a negative; i.e., that their goods are not made with forced labor. As a result, even companies that have invested significantly in eliminating forced labor from their supply chains can be the focus of CBP actions. To avoid lengthy detentions of their goods, importers should update their practices, procedures, and documents to address forced labor and the nationality of workers with respect to not only immediate vendors but also suppliers of materials further back in the supply chain.

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