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Back to School, Part I: Classifying Composite Goods

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Back to School, Part II: Classifying Multifunction Machines and Functional Units

With new duty-free provisions for high-tech products and equipment on the horizon thanks to the recent expansion of the WTO Information Technology Agreement, now is the time to revisit the impact of technologies that make our lives easier but import compliance more complex.  The convergence of different technologies in a single machine or system often leads to subjective classification determinations, which can mean the difference between duty-free treatment under the ITA and having to pay tariffs on your imports.

Join us for the second installment in our “Back to School” classification series to review the principles of classifying multifunctional devices and systems and making principal function determinations. Then use this refresher to review your product list against the new ITA provisions to see what duty savings are in store for your imports! 

Key Topics  

1.5 CCS Credits

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