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Aid Program for Trade Shows in Industries with High Export Potential Invites Applications

Friday, April 04, 2014
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

The International Trade Administration is accepting through May 19 applications for the International Buyer Program Select service for calendar year 2014. Under IBP Select, the ITA will select approximately ten domestic trade shows with participation by U.S. firms interested in exporting and provide them with assistance in the form of targeted promotion and recruitment in five foreign markets, export counseling to exhibitors, and export counseling and matchmaking services at the trade show. The ITA is also continuing a pilot initiative that allows selected trade show organizers to add target markets beyond the five selected markets at a cost.

The ITA will evaluate applicants for IBP Select based on various considerations, including the following.

- The trade show must not have more than 1,200 exhibitors.

- The trade show promotes products and services from U.S. industries that have high export potential.

- The trade show meets the needs of a significant number of overseas markets and corresponds to marketing opportunities identified by ITA.

- The event offers a broad spectrum of U.S.-made products and services for the subject industry.

- Trade shows with exhibitors featuring a high percentage of products produced in the U.S. or products with a high degree of U.S. content will be preferred.

- The trade show is clearly recognized by the industry it covers as a leading event for the promotion of that industry’s products and services, both domestically and internationally, and as a showplace for the latest technology or services in that industry.

- There is significant interest on the part of U.S. exhibitors in receiving international business visitors during the trade show, and a significant number of U.S. exhibitors should be new-to-export or seeking to expand their sales into additional export markets.

- There has been a demonstrated effort by the applicant to market prior shows overseas.

- The applicant demonstrates a willingness to cooperate with the ITA to fulfill the program’s goals and adhere to the target dates.

- Admission fees are waived or reduced for international attendees who are participating in IBP Select.

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