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STTAS EU Trade Weekly: Trade Restrictions, FTAs, Tax Info Exchange

Thursday, March 26, 2015
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report


Proposal for automatic exchange of tax ruling information between member states

The Tax Transparency Package aims to ensure that EU member states are equipped with the information they need to protect their tax bases and effectively target companies that try to escape paying their fair share of taxes. 

[European Commission]

EU to keep Russia sanctions until end of 2015

The sanctions prohibit purchase of long-term bonds from leading Russian banks, energy and arms firms as well as exports of high-end technology for oil and gas exploration. They were imposed in July 2014 for one year and must be renewed by EU consensus before they expire.


EU to lift ban on importing U.S. chicken washed in controversial disinfectant The proposal has alarmed consumer groups, who say it is at odds with European policy, which has been designed to remove harmful bacteria from the birds on farms, rather than relying on disinfectants.

 [Daily Mail]

Trade and investment barriers persist despite prospects of global recovery, report says

The report concludes that the EU’s strategic economic partners – Argentina, Brazil, China, India, Japan, Russia and the United States – maintain a variety of barriers that significantly hinder international trade and investment opportunities of EU companies.

[Europe Commission]

East African Community wants FTA with EFTA

Negotiations aim to wrap up before 2021 and will be patterned after the EAC-EU FTA.



China to explore FTA with Georgia, Silk Road economic belt

A joint experts group will examine the feasibility of a bilateral FTA and a road between the two countries.

[Chinese Ministry of Commerce]

Australia scores most favoured nation provisions in FTA with China

The clause will ensure that future benefits conferred on other countries will flow automatically to Australia as well.

[Sydney Morning Herald]

New Zealand–Korea FTA signed 23 March

Tariffs will be progressively eliminated on 98 percent of New Zealand’s current exports to Korea.


China, Israel to begin FTA talks

The talks will begin this year after a feasibility study found “a positive outlook.”

[China Daily]

Launch of African tripartite FTA now set for June

The agreement between the Community for Eastern and Southern Africa, the Eastern African Community and the Southern African Development Community will cover 26 countries with a combined population of 625 million and an aggregate GDP of US$1 trillion.

[International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development]

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