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Foreign Regulatory Changes: Tools, Appliances, Wood Panels, Pipes, Foods, Padlocks

Friday, May 09, 2014
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the World Trade Organization has been notified of regulatory changes that may affect exports of specific products to the following countries. For information on how these restrictions may affect your business, contact ST&R.

Canada – bilingual labeling of veterinary biologics and seeds

Denmark – metrological control of meters used to measure consumption of cooling energy in district cooling plants; addition of vitamins and minerals to foodstuffs

Ecuador – hammers, hand- or foot-operated air pumps, hydraulic and mechanical jacks and hoists, vacuum cleaners, metal and aluminum containers, steel pipes used in the oil and gas industry, commercial cookers, electro-medical equipment, padlocks, motor-driven kitchen appliances, pet food, labeling of alcoholic beverages, hair clippers and similar items, waste disposal units, agglomerated wood panels

Switzerland – breath alcohol measuring instruments

Taiwan – imported foods and related products

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