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FMC Supply Chain Teams Focusing on Improving Visibility, National Info Portal

Monday, July 25, 2016
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

Federal Maritime Commissioner Rebecca Dye reported to the FMC at a July 21 meeting that the supply chain innovation teams the FMC launched this past May have identified improving visibility as the most effective way to increase the reliability and effectiveness of supply chains.

The three teams each represent supply chain industries such as ports, terminal operators, port labor, drayage truckers, railroads, ocean transportation intermediaries, ocean carriers, chassis providers, and exporters and importers. They have been tasked with identifying and developing actionable process innovations and improvements that would address problems such as congestion and related bottlenecks and lead to greater national supply chain reliability and effectiveness. Dye said that while this approach will provide no quick fix for supply chain challenges it is “on track and making great progress.”

Specifically, Dye told the FMC July 21, at their inaugural meeting the teams identified supply chain visibility as one of the most effective ways to increase reliability and effectiveness, noting that most supply chain obstacles are created from poor information transmission, inaccurate information or information unavailable at the right time. Working from the proposition that effective information systems can provide visibility that creates a coordinated, effective supply chain system out of the uncoordinated actions of many actors, all three teams agreed to pursue the development of a national supply chain information portal that could be adapted for use by any port in the country. They also agreed to develop the precise information that must be available to each supply chain actor for overall maximum supply chain coordination and efficiency and have been discussing and refining their supply chain information needs.

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