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AD/CV Notices: Silica Fabric, Wooden Bedroom Furniture

Friday, February 19, 2016
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

Silica Fabric. The International Trade Administration has initiated antidumping and countervailing duty investigations of amorphous silica fabric from China. The alleged dumping margin is 160.28 percent.

The product covered by these investigations is woven (whether from yarns or rovings) industrial grade amorphous silica fabric, which contains a minimum of 90 percent silica (SiO2) by nominal weight and a nominal width in excess of 8 inches. The investigations cover such fabric regardless of (a) other materials contained in the fabric, (b) whether in roll form or cut-to-length, (c) weight, width (except as noted above) or length, (d) whether the product is approved by a standards testing body or meets any governmental specification, and (e) whether the fabric is colored, coated or treated, or heat-cleaned. Subject goods include any industrial grade amorphous silica fabric that has been (a) converted into industrial grade amorphous silica fabric in China from fiberglass cloth produced in a third country or (b) further processed in a third country prior to export to the U.S. Subject imports are normally classified in HTSUS subheadings 7019.59.4021, 7019.59.4096, 7019.59.9021 and 7019.59.9096 but may also enter under HTSUS subheadings 7019.40.4030, 7019.40.4060, 7019.40.9030, 7019.40.9060, 7019.51.9010, 7019.51.9090, 7019.52.9010, 7019.52.9021, 7019.52.9096 and 7019.90.1000.

Excluded from the scope of the investigations is amorphous silica fabric that is subjected to controlled shrinkage and meets the following exclusion criteria: (a) contains a minimum of 98 percent silica by nominal weight, (b) has an areal shrinkage of four percent or less, (c) contains no coatings or treatments and (d) is white in color. Also excluded are amorphous silica fabric rope (a knitted or braided product made from amorphous silica yarns) and silica tubing or sleeving (which is braided into a hollow sleeve from amorphous silica yarns).

Wooden Bedroom Furniture. The International Trade Commission has determined to conduct a full sunset review of the AD duty order on wooden bedroom furniture from China. A schedule for this review, which will result in either the revocation or continuation of this order, will be announced at a later date.

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