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CBP Revokes, Modifies Rulings on Handbags, Wooden Furniture, Hypertension Drug

Wednesday, February 28, 2018
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

U.S. Customs and Border Protection is revoking or modifying the following rulings, effective for goods entered or withdrawn from warehouse for consumption on or after April 23.

Handbags and Tote Bags. CBP is classifying handbags and tote bags with a coin purse, spectacle case, and identification card case as a set pursuant to GRI 3(b) and classifying the handbag sets as handbags under HTSUS 4202.22.8100 (17.6 percent duty) and the tote bag sets as other bags under HTSUS 4202.92.3131 (17.6 percent duty). CBP had previously classified these items separately: the handbags as handbags under HTSUS 4202.22.8050 (17.6 percent duty), the tote bags as other bags under HTSUS 4202.92.3031 (17.6 percent duty), and the other items as articles of a kind normally carried in the pocket or handbag under HTSUS 4202.32.9550 (17.6 percent duty) and 4202.32.1000 (12.1 cents/kg + 4.6 percent duty). Ruling HQ H263986 is revoking ruling NY N024929 to reflect this change.

Wooden Furniture. CBP is reclassifying a wooden chest of drawers as other wooden furniture under HTSUS 9403.60.80 (duty-free) rather than as wooden furniture of a kind used in the bedroom under HTSUS 9403.50.9080 (duty-free). CBP explains that this piece does not clearly resemble typical bedroom furniture (due to its half-moon design) and similar items are sold for general home storage. Ruling HQ H245888 is modifying ruling NY N104737 to reflect this change.

Hypertension Drug. CBP is modifying two previous rulings to specify that aliskiren hemifumarate, a synthetically derived white crystalline powder in bulk form indicated for the treatment of hypertension, is eligible for duty-free treatment under GN 13. CBP explains that both aliskiren (table 1) and fumarate (table 2) are listed in the pharmaceutical appendix to the HTSUS and that any combination of a base product listed in table 1 and a prefix or suffix listed in table 2 is eligible for treatment under GN 13 provided it is classified in the same six-digit provision as the relevant product in table 1. Ruling HQ H202562 is revoking ruling NY N180809 and modifying ruling NY N043304 to reflect this change.

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