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Ruling Revocations and Modifications on Auto Parts, Cosmetics, Machinery, Etc.

Monday, May 14, 2018
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

The following final revocations and modifications of U.S. Customs and Border Protection rulings are included in the May 9, 2018, Customs Bulletin and Decisions. These changes will be effective with respect to goods entered or withdrawn from warehouse for consumption on or after July 9.

Piston Pin Bushings. CBP is reclassifying piston pin bushings designed for installation in automotive diesel engines as plain shaft bearings under HTSUS 8483.30.80 (4.5 percent duty) rather than as other engine parts under HTSUS 8409.99.9190 (3.7 percent duty). CBP explains that the function of these items is akin to that of a plain shaft bearing provided for under heading 8483. Ruling HQ H287802 will revoke ruling NY 864550 to reflect this change.

Concealer and Bronzer Powders. CBP is reclassifying concealer and bronzer powders as make-up powders under HTSUS 3304.91.00 (duty-free) rather than as make-up preparations under HTSUS 3304.99.5000 (duty-free). CBP explains that the subject powders are like those it has previously classified under HTSUS 3304.91.00 and are therefore not classified in the basket provision. Ruling HQ H281812 will modify ruling NY J86656 to reflect this change.

Zirconium Oxide Powder. CBP is reclassifying yttria stabilized zirconium oxide powder, which is used in high-temperature ceramic applications such as crucibles or furnace linings, as mixtures of inorganic compounds under HTSUS 3824.99.39 (duty-free) rather than as other chemical preparations under HTSUS 3824.90.9290 (5 percent duty). HQ H282216 will revoke ruling NY N251680 to reflect this change.

Fork Lift Load Rollers. CBP is reclassifying fork lift load rollers, which are used as tires on which fork lift masts roll, as ball bearings under HTSUS 8482.10.50 (9 percent duty) rather than as parts suitable for use with fork lift trucks under HTSUS 8431.20.00. CBP states that on further review it finds ruling HQ 960291, which described ball bearings, to be wholly applicable to the product at issue. Ruling HQ H289349 will revoke ruling HQ 088457 to reflect this change.

Glass Sleeves. CBP is reclassifying glass sleeves used as housings for diodes as unworked glass tubes under HTSUS 7002.39.00 (6 percent duty) rather than as cathode-ray tubes under HTSUS 7011.90.00. CBP explains that these items do not fall into any of the three categories of articles covered by heading 7011 and that merely having been drawn and cut to a precise size and length does not constitute “working” for purposes of heading 7002. Ruling HQ H253027 will revoke ruling HQ H253027 to reflect this change.

Automotive Bumpers. CBP is issuing ruling HQ H288285 to revoke ruling NY 284970 and hold that the painting in Canada of automotive bumpers that are otherwise assembled in the U.S. does not constitute an alteration under HTSUS 9802.00.50, which provides a full or partial duty exemption for articles returned to the U.S. after having been exported for repairs or alterations. CBP explains that because the painting prevents the bumpers from rusting this procedure is not the processing of a finished good but rather an intermediate processing operation.

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