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Classification Changes Proposed for Brass Plumbing Components, Soapstone Holders

Thursday, May 03, 2018
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

The following proposed revocations of U.S. Customs and Border Protection classification rulings are included in the May 2, 2018, Customs Bulletin and Decisions. Comments on these proposals are due no later than June 1.

Brass Plumbing Components. CBP is proposing to classify brass plumbing components designed to connect the ends of pipes to plumbing fixtures as copper pipe fittings under HTSUS 7412.20.0035 (3 percent duty) rather than as other articles of copper under HTSUS 7419.99.5010 (duty-free). CBP explains that these items qualify as pipe fittings because they allow fluids to flow through their apertures while simultaneously affecting the flow of the fluid in some manner. Rulings NY N262070 and NY L82336 would be revoked to reflect this change.

Soapstone Holders. CBP is proposing to classify hot max flat soapstone holders as other drawing or marking-out instruments under HTSUS 9017.20.8080 (4.6 percent duty) rather than as other articles of semiprecious stones under HTSUS 7116.20.4000 (10.5 percent duty). CBP explains that it previously examined only the soapstone chalk and did not account for the steel holder housing it. CBP now finds that the holder (with the enclosed soapstone) is used for technical or industrial purposes to mark metals, wood, or brick for measurements and to indicate where to cut, saw, paint, etc. for welding or other industrial purposes. It is therefore like the exemplars in the explanatory notes to heading 9017. Ruling NY N239783 would be revoked to reflect this change.

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