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AD/CV: Request Reviews, Steel Sheet and Strip, Silicon Metal, Cut-to-Length Plate

Monday, April 03, 2017
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

Request Administrative Reviews. The International Trade Administration will accept through May 1 requests for administrative reviews of the antidumping and/or countervailing duty orders or suspension agreements on the following goods for the periods April 1, 2016, through March 31, 2017 (AD) and Jan. 1 through Dec. 31, 2016 (CV).

- activated carbon from China (AD)

- drawn stainless steel sinks from China (AD/CV)

- magnesium metal from China (AD)

- non-malleable cast iron pipe fittings from China (AD)

- steel threaded rod from China (AD)

Stainless Steel Sheet and Strip. The ITA has issued AD and CV duty orders on stainless steel sheet and strip from China. The ITA will direct U.S. Customs and Border Protection to require AD and CV cash deposits for entries of subject goods at rates of 45.26 percent to 58.04 percent (AD) and 75.60 percent to 190.71 percent (CV).

The product covered by these orders is stainless steel sheet and strip, whether in coils or straight lengths. Stainless steel is an alloy steel containing, by weight, 1.2 percent or less of carbon and 10.5 percent or more of chromium, with or without other elements. The subject sheet and strip is a flat-rolled product with a width greater than 9.5 mm and a thickness of 0.3048 mm and greater but less than 4.75 mm, and that is annealed or otherwise heat treated and pickled or otherwise descaled. The subject sheet and strip may also be further processed (e.g., cold-rolled, annealed, tempered, polished, aluminized, coated, painted, varnished, trimmed, cut, punched, or slit, etc.) provided that it maintains the specific dimensions of sheet and strip set forth above following such processing.

Excluded from the scope of these orders are (1) sheet and strip that is not annealed or otherwise heat treated and not pickled or otherwise descaled, (2) plate (i.e., flat-rolled stainless steel products of a thickness of 4.75 mm or more), and (3) flat wire (i.e., cold-rolled sections, with a mill edge, rectangular in shape, of a width of not more than 9.5 mm).


Silicon Metal. The ITA has initiated AD duty investigations of silicon metal from Australia, Brazil, and Norway and CV duty investigations of silicon metal from Australia, Brazil, and Kazakhstan. Alleged dumping margins are 28.58 percent to 52.81 percent for Australia, 15.41 percent to 134.92 percent for Brazil, and 32.25 percent to 45.66 percent for Norway.

The scope of these investigations covers all forms and sizes of silicon metal, including silicon metal powder. Silicon metal contains at least 85.00 percent but less than 99.99 percent silicon, and less than 4.00 percent iron, by actual weight. Silicon metal is currently classifiable under HTSUS 2804.69.1000 and 2804.69.5000.

Semiconductor grade silicon (containing at least 99.99 percent silicon by actual weight and classifiable under HTSUS 2804.61.0000) is excluded from the scope of these investigations.

Cut-to-Length Plate. The ITA has made final affirmative AD duty determinations on carbon and alloy steel cut-to-length plate from Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan and a final affirmative CV duty determination on CTL plate from Korea.

Weighted average dumping margins are 53.72 percent for Austria, 5.40 percent to 51.78 percent for Belgium, 8.62 percent to 148.02 percent for France, 5.38 percent to 22.90 percent for Germany, 6.08 percent to 22.19 percent for Italy, 14.79 percent to 48.67 percent for Japan, 7.39 percent for Korea, and 3.62 percent to 6.95 percent for Taiwan. The net subsidy rate for Korea is 4.31 percent.

The ITA will instruct U.S. Customs and Border Protection to collect AD and CV cash deposits at these rates. In addition, because the ITA has determined that critical circumstances exist with respect to certain exporters from Austria, Belgium, and Italy, the ITA will instruct CBP to impose provisional measures retroactively on entries of CTL plate from these exporters.

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