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Sugar Tariff-Rate Quotas for FY 2018 Announced

Friday, June 30, 2017
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

The Department of Agriculture has established the amounts of raw cane sugar and certain sugars, syrups, and molasses (collectively referred to as refined sugar) that may be imported under the lower tier of duties provided by the tariff-rate quotas for these products during fiscal year 2018 (Oct. 1, 2017, through Sept. 30, 2018). Specifically, aggregate quantities of up to 1,117,195 metric tons raw value of raw cane sugar (unchanged from FY 2017) and 182,000 MTRV of sugars, syrups, and molasses (up from 162,000 MTRV) may be entered or withdrawn from warehouse for consumption during this period.

Of the latter quantity, 161,656 MTRV (up from 141,656) is reserved for the importation of specialty sugars. The FY 2018 specialty sugar TRQ will be opened in five tranches. The first, totaling 1,656 MTRV, will open Oct. 2, and all specialty sugars will be eligible for entry. The second and third tranches will each be equal to 48,000 MTRV and will open Oct. 18, 2017, and Jan. 23, 2018, respectively. The fourth and fifth tranches will each be 32,000 MTRV and open April 17 and July 17, 2018, respectively. The second, third, fourth, and fifth tranches will be reserved for organic sugar and other specialty sugars not currently produced commercially in the U.S. or reasonably available from domestic sources.

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