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New AD/CV Duty Orders on Rebar from Japan and Turkey

Monday, July 17, 2017
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

The International Trade Administration has issued an antidumping duty order on steel concrete reinforcing bar from Japan and Turkey and a countervailing duty order on rebar from Turkey. These orders cover rebar imported in either straight length or coil form regardless of metallurgy, length, diameter, or grade or lack thereof. Subject goods include deformed steel wire with bar markings (e.g., mill mark, size, or grade) that has been subjected to an elongation test. The order also covers rebar that has been further processed in the subject country or a third country, including cutting, grinding, galvanizing, painting, coating, or any other processing that would not otherwise remove the goods from the scope of the order if performed in the country of manufacture of the rebar.

Subject rebar is classifiable primarily under HTSUS 7213.10.0000, 7214.20.0000, and 7228.30.8010 but may also enter under HTSUS 7215.90.1000, 7215.90.5000, 7221.00.0017, 7221.00.0018, 7221.00.0030, 7221.00.0045, 7222.11.0001, 7222.11.0057, 7222.11.0059, 7222.30.0001, 7227.20.0080, 7227.90.6030, 7227.90.6035, 7227.90.6040, 7228.20.1000, and 7228.60.6000.

Specifically excluded from these orders are (1) plain rounds (i.e., non-deformed or smooth rebar) and (2) deformed steel wire meeting ASTM A1064/A1064M with no bar markings (e.g., mill mark, size, or grade) and without being subject to an elongation test.

In addition, the ITA has amended its final affirmative AD and CV duty determinations to specify weighted average dumping margins of 5.39 percent to 9.06 percent for Turkey and 209.46 percent for Japan and a net subsidy rate of 15.99 percent for Turkey. The ITA will instruct U.S. Customs and Border Protection to assess AD and CV duties at these rates on unliquidated entries of subject goods entered or withdrawn from warehouse for consumption on or after March 1 (CV) or March 7, 2017 (AD) and to require AD and CV cash deposits at these rates (adjusted, in the case of the AD rates, for countervailable export subsidies) as of July 14.

However, the ITA notes that only rebar both produced and exported by Habas Sinai ve Tibbi Gazlar Istihsal Endustrisi A.S. is within the scope of the CV duty order on rebar from Turkey, as rebar from all other companies in Turkey is already covered by a CV duty order issued in 2014.

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