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Congestion at Mid-Atlantic and Northeast Ports Will be Focus of Oct. 1 Forum

Friday, September 26, 2014
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

The Federal Maritime Commission will host Oct. 1in Baltimore a forum to examine the causes and implications of congestion at U.S. ports from Virginia to Maine as well as possible solutions. The FMC has already conducted a similar forum in Los Angeles (an article on the problems and proposals discussed at this meeting is available here) and has another scheduled for Nov. 3 in New Orleans.

Topics for discussion will include truck gate wait times, a trucker gate appointment system , free time operational impacts on gate operations and congestion, chassis ownership and deployment (gray pool development), ocean carrier arrival “bunching” impacts on port/gate congestion, infrastructure, and measures already taken to address identified issues. Stakeholders from all sectors have been invited, including carriers, port authorities, marine terminal operators, labor, chassis operators/leasing/pools, truckers and shippers (retail/box stores).


The FMC states that the goal of this forum is honest and candid discussion among the relevant parties. As a result, portions of the forum will be conducted in closed session with just the invited participants present to ensure that sensitive issues are raised and addressed. “We’re going to get into the details,” said FMC Commissioner William Doyle , “and have open and frank discussions.”

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