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Port Congestion and Efficiency Problems are Focus of DOC Inquiry

Friday, May 27, 2016
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

The Department of Commerce is seeking public input by July 11 on actions that can be taken to address U.S. port congestion and efficiency challenges, improve U.S. port and supply chain competitiveness, and enhance the role of ports as engines and catalysts of local, regional and national economic development and job growth.

DOC states that long-term port congestion and efficiency problems remain a major systemic threat and stem from a variety of factors, including larger vessels, growing trade volumes, insufficient infrastructure, operating inefficiencies, poor labor-management relations, and lack of communication and collaboration among ports, stakeholders and users. As part of its effort to address these issues comprehensively and nationally, which has also included a series of port and supply chain competitiveness roundtables at key ports, DOC is soliciting public comment on the following issues. A final report is anticipated this December.

- the most important challenges and opportunities facing U.S. port-related operations and efficiency

- best practices for improving port-related operations and how the federal government can help share these nationwide

- how the federal government can best promote the coordinated use of public funds for the development of port-related infrastructure

- federal policies that should be modernized to promote U.S. port-related investment and operational performance

- how the federal government can best collaborate with stakeholders to enhance U.S. port-related competitiveness

- what the federal government can do, on its own or in coordination and collaboration with state and local governments and the private sector, to enhance the value of ports as engines of economic growth and job creation

- how to use technology and data to improve U.S. port and supply chain performance

- actions taken by specific U.S. or foreign ports or other nations that should be highlighted as best practices for ports

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