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AD Duty Case Initiated on Polyester Staple Fiber

Thursday, June 29, 2017
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

The International Trade Commission has instituted antidumping injury investigations of low melt polyester staple fiber from Korea and Taiwan. The ITC will hold a conference in connection with these investigations July 18. Requests to appear at the conference are due by July 14 and written comments are due by July 21. The ITC’s preliminary determinations are due by Aug. 11.

The goods being investigated are synthetic staple fibers, not carded or combed, specifically bi-component polyester fibers having a polyester fiber component that melts at a lower temperature than the other polyester fiber component, used for bonding fibers together. The scope includes bi-component polyester staple fibers of any denier or cut length, whether coated (usually with a finish or dye) or not coated. Low melt PSF is classifiable under HTSUS 5503.20.0015.  

The following are not subject to these investigations: (1) PSF equal to or greater than 3.3 decitex (greater than 3 denier, inclusive) that is not bi-component fiber, currently classifiable under HTSUS 5503.20.0045 and 5503.20.0065; and (2) PSF of less than 3.3 decitex (less than 3 denier) that is not bi­-component fiber, currently classifiable under HTSUS 5503.20.0025.

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