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AD/CV: Pipes and Tubes, Crawfish Meat, Transformers, Kegs, Xanthan Gum

Wednesday, October 17, 2018
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

Pipes and Tubes. In the final results of its administrative review of the antidumping duty order on circular welded carbon steel pipes and tubes from Taiwan for the period May 1, 2016, through April 30, 2017, the International Trade Administration has determined a weighted average dumping margin of 7.47 percent for producer/exporter Shin Yang Steel Co. Ltd. AD duties based on this rate will be assessed on entries of subject goods during the period of review, and AD cash deposits at this rate will be required for subject goods entered or withdrawn from warehouse for consumption on or after Oct. 16. The ITA also found that Yieh Hsing Enterprise Co. Ltd. had no shipments of subject goods to the U.S. during the period of review.

Crawfish Meat. In the preliminary results of its administrative and new shipper reviews of the AD duty order on freshwater crawfish tail meat from China for the period Sept. 1, 2016, through Aug. 31, 2017, the ITA has (a) determined a weighted average dumping margin of zero for seven exporters, (b) rescinded these reviews for six companies at the request of the petitioners, and (c) concluded that three companies had no shipments of subject goods to the U.S. during this period of review.

Transformers. Effective Oct. 16, the ITA has continued the AD duty order on large power transformers from Korea. This order covers large liquid dielectric power transformers having a top power handling capacity greater than or equal to 60 megavolt amperes, whether assembled or unassembled, complete or incomplete. All LPTs are covered regardless of name designation, including step-up transformers, step-down transformers, and autotransformers. Subject goods are currently classifiable under HTSUS 8504.23.0040, 8504.23.0080, and 8504.90.9540.

Kegs. The ITA has initiated AD duty investigations of refillable stainless steel kegs from China, Germany, and Mexico and a CV duty investigation of such kegs from China.

The goods covered by these investigations are kegs, vessels, or containers that are approximately cylindrical in shape, made from stainless steel (i.e., steel containing at least 10.5 percent chromium by weight and less than 1.2 percent carbon by weight, with or without other elements), and compatible with a “D Sankey” extractor (commonly known as a “D Coupler” or “Sankey”), with a nominal liquid volume capacity of 10 liters or more, regardless of the type of finish, gauge, thickness, or grade of stainless steel, and whether or not covered by or encased in other materials. They may be imported assembled or unassembled, with or without all components (including spears, couplers or taps, necks, collars, and valves), and be filled or unfilled.

Subject goods also include kegs that have been further processed in a third country, including attachment of necks, collars, spears, or valves, heat treatment, pickling, passivation, painting, testing, certification, or any other processing that would not otherwise remove the kegs from the scope of the investigation if performed in the country of manufacture of the in-scope kegs.

Kegs covered by these investigations are currently classified under HTSUS 7310.10.0010, 7310.00.0050, 7310.29.0025, and 7310.29.0050.

Specifically excluded are (1) vessels or containers that are not approximately cylindrical in nature, (2) stainless steel kegs, vessels, or containers that have either a ball lock or pin lock valve system, (3) necks, spears, couplers or taps, collars, and valves that are not imported with the kegs, and (4) stainless steel kegs that are filled with beer, wine, or other liquid and that are designated as instruments of international traffic within the meaning of section 332(a) of the Tariff Act of 1930.

Xanthan Gum. Pursuant to a court order, the ITA has revoked the AD duty order on xanthan gum from China with respect to subject goods from one particular exporter/producer combination for which it has calculated a revised weighted average dumping margin of zero.

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