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AD/CV Notices: Paper, Brass Sheet and Strip, Steel Plate, Bedroom Furniture

Tuesday, April 07, 2015
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

Paper. The International Trade Commission will hold an open meeting April 10 to hold a preliminary vote in its countervailing injury investigation of supercalendered paper from Canada.

Brass Sheet and Strip. The International Trade Administration has issued the preliminary results of its administrative review of the antidumping duty order on brass sheet and strip from Germany for the period March 1, 2013, through Feb. 28, 2014. Weighted average dumping margins range from 22.61 percent to 55.60 percent. The ITA has preliminarily determined that three respondents had no shipments of subject merchandise to the U.S. during the period of review.

Steel Plate. The ITA has initiated a new shipper review of the CV duty order on cut-to-length carbon-quality steel plate from Korea for the period Jan. 1 through Dec. 31, 2014. This review will determine whether Hyundai Steel Co. Ltd is entitled to a separate rate. The ITA will instruct U.S. Customs and Border Protection to allow, at the option of the importer, the posting until the completion of this review of a bond or security in lieu of a cash deposit for entries of subject merchandise from Hyundai.

Lined Paper. In the final results of its changed circumstances review of the AD duty order on lined paper products from India, the ITA has determined that Kokuyo Riddhi Paper Products Private Limited is the successor-in-interest to Riddhi Enterprises and should therefore receive its current AD cash deposit rate, which is de minimis. As a result, the ITA will instruct CBP not to collect AD cash deposits for shipments of subject merchandise exported by Kokuyo and entered or withdrawn from warehouse for consumption on or after April 7.

Steel Pipes and Tubes. In its administrative review of the AD duty order on circular welded carbon steel pipes and tubes from Thailand for the period March 1, 2013, through Feb. 28, 2014, the ITA has preliminarily determined that Saha Thai Steel Pipe (Public) Company Ltd. and Pacific Pipe Company Limited did not sell subject merchandise at less than normal value during this period.

Bedroom Furniture. Effective April 7, the ITA is revoking the AD duty order on wooden bedroom furniture from China with respect to shoe cabinets meeting the following description.

“Certain shoe cabinets 31.5-33.5 inches wide by 15.5-17.5 inches deep by 34.5-36.5 inches high. They are designed strictly to store shoes, which are intended to be aligned in rows perpendicular to the wall along which the cabinet is positioned. Shoe cabinets do not have drawers, rods, or other indicia for the storage of clothing other than shoes. The cabinets are not designed, manufactured, or offered for sale in coordinated groups or sets and are made substantially of wood, have two to four shelves inside them, and are covered by doors. The doors often have blinds that are designed to allow air circulation and release of bad odors. The doors themselves may be made of wood or glass. The depth of the shelves does not exceed 14 inches. Each shoe cabinet has doors, adjustable shelving, and ventilation holes.”

The ITA will instruct CBP to liquidate without regard to AD duties, and to refund any estimated AD duties on, all unliquidated entries of such shoe cabinets that are not covered by the final results of an administrative review or automatic liquidation.

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