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AD/CV: Off-Road Tires, Rubber, Washers

Wednesday, August 17, 2016
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

Off-Road Tires. The International Trade Administration has made a preliminary negative dumping determination on new pneumatic off-the-road tires from India. As a result, no AD cash deposits on subject goods will be collected at this time.

Rubber. The ITA has initiated AD duty investigations of emulsion styrene-butadiene rubber from Brazil, Korea, Mexico and Poland. Alleged dumping margins are 57.14 percent to 67.99 percent for Brazil, 22.48 percent to 44.30 percent for Korea, 22.39 percent for Mexico, and 40.57 percent to 44.54 percent for Poland.

The scope of these investigations includes ESB rubber in primary forms, bales, granules, crumbs, pellets, powders, plates, sheets, strip, etc. ESB rubber consists of non-pigmented rubbers and oil-extended non-pigmented rubbers, both of which contain at least one percent of organic acids from the emulsion polymerization process. The scope covers grades of ESB rubber included in the International Institute of Synthetic Rubber Producers 1500 and 1700 series of synthetic rubbers. Subject products are currently classifiable under HTSUS subheadings 4002.19.0015 and 4002.19.0019.

Specifically excluded from the scope are products manufactured by blending ESB rubber with other polymers, high styrene resin master batch, carbon black master batch (i.e., IISRP 1600 series and 1800 series) and latex (an intermediate product).

Large Residential Washers. The International Trade Commission has scheduled the final phase of its AD injury investigation of large residential washers from China. A hearing will be held Dec. 7, requests to appear at the hearing are due by Nov. 29, pre-hearing briefs are due by Nov. 30, a pre-hearing conference will be held Dec. 1, post-hearing briefs are due by Dec. 14, and final comments are due by Jan. 5, 2017.

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